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VBet Uk is an online platform that not only combines an online casino, but also a betting shop. It has been giving players a chance to make money from sports events and predictions for more than 10 years. The BK gives players a large pool of gambling games and machines, but the main focus is on developing the betting branch:

  • A large pool of events;
  • All sports;
  • A large number of tournaments;
  • Good winnings and nice odds.

vbet affiliates

But in addition to everything listed above, there is also an affiliate program. Without any investment or betting, you can partner with the company. How profitable and cost-effective this is will be covered in the overview.

Games and betting VBET

The company started out purely as a bookmaker but decided to change its strategy. It added slot machines and gambling to its pool of options. It has benefited from this, as many companies do today, even industry giants. But VBet hasn’t abandoned its betting business either. So what is the modern version of VBET? What leisure options are there?

  1. Live betting from vbet. Classic live sports betting on sporting events;
  2. Live sports betting. A multitude of match combinations, totals, lines, and other classics are available on the official website;
  3. The casino is represented by a wide range of gambling games. Vbet Casino has all the classic attributes of gambling establishments: roulette, card games, reels, slots and even table games;
  4. Vbet poker. A large pool of classic poker and its varieties. Vbet poker isn’t just limited to random games with your opponents. You can always get into a poker tournament or play with a live dealer;
  5. Cybersports. Betting on cybersports events is more on-trend than ever. If you’re over 18 and you’re good at gaming, you’re welcome. All popular tournaments and disciplines available;
  6. Virtual Sports. Fantasy football needs no introduction. It is so ingrained in the culture that we know everything about the fantasy leagues;
  7. Wonder Wheel is the company’s novelty. Every verified user gets a free spin every day. The wheel can give the player not only a vbet promo code or bonus vbet, but also part of a huge jackpot;
  8. Live casino. A format that has soared in popularity over the past few years. Playing with a live dealer and players via video link.
  9. TV tours. The company is the official sponsor of the Ukrainian Football League;
  10. Games. A large pool of games from renowned online casino software developers;

What is the Vbet partner’s program?

The Vbet affiliate program is a special offer from the company for players. Thanks to it, every member of the community can earn money. It represents a form of the economic relationship between Vbet and users. Users will promote the site and attract new clients and the company will pay them a percentage of the profit or other financial transactions of the company (deposits by users referred by the client, amounts of their bets, etc.).

The referral program is not available in all countries. Here is the list of countries whose residents can join the program: Russia, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Austria, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, India, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, and Belarus.

How do I become a member of an affiliate program?

To become a member of vbet affiliate you need to register on the company’s website, verify your account, fill in the required form and submit an application for consideration. Once approved, you can feel free to make money.

But remember, your website has to be related to the themes of betting. There is no limit to the number of your resources, they just have to meet the vbet criteria.

Vbet Affiliates Programme rules

There are a number of restrictions that prohibit creating artificial conditions to attract new audiences. And the company takes this very seriously. It is categorically forbidden on the part of the BC:

  • Use SMS texting;
  • Traffic 18+;
  • Motive, forage;
  • Placing hidden advertising;
  • Mailing on behalf of the BK itself;
  • POP Unders;
  • Use of SMM marketing.

Vbet’s terms of cooperation

There are three main provisions that the company offers:

  1. CPA. A reward for targeted action by an attracted client. This can be either a registration on the BC’s website or a first deposit. The size of the payment under this scheme is decided by the site administration;
  2. Revshare or revenue share. The company starts each month with a “clean slate”. The losses of the previous month remain in the last month and are not transferred to the accounting of the next month; Payouts under this scheme reach up to 35% of the profit of the BK itself. In some situations your earnings may be higher;
  3. Combined option. With this type of cooperation, a client receives income from both CPA and RS income.

Tools for referrals

Vbet Partners offers the following tools to its users:

  • Link Creator.
  • Banner builder;
  • XML-Feed feed.

The user can view and analyze all detailed statistics and information in the personal cabinet: from the number of clicks on the banner to the amounts spent by players participating in bets.

How do VBET affiliate programs payout?

Vbet pays its customers their earnings regularly. Payouts are regular and uninterrupted: every month. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 US dollars. If the client uses another type of currency, the operation will be carried out, taking into account the automatic currency conversion according to the current exchange rate.

In case of withdrawal of less than 100 USD, vbet casino may charge interest for the transaction from the user.

Withdrawal options vbet affiliate program:

Various e-wallets. Moneybookers, IWT (International Wire Transfer), Neteller and others;
Bank cards.
Withdrawal of funds will be available to the user only if he attracts 5 active players in 1 month (30 days).

The company has a number of rules for optimal withdrawal of earned funds. Withdrawals take place until the 15th of every following month. But you have to apply for withdrawal by the 5th day.

Pros and cons of the affiliate program

Let’s look at the pros and cons of an affiliate from a well-known company. Is it that good?

There is an option to choose the format of cooperation with vbet;
There is an option to make a profit for recruiting sub-partners;
There are no withdrawal problems;
Regular payouts on the 15th;
The platform has a license.
Long responses from the support team;
Not very flexible withdrawal system (within the allotted dates);
Transaction fees for withdrawals up to 100 usd.
Alex Novinskiy
Gambling Expert
Having analysed the whole situation with the company and its affiliate programme, it is well worth it. The vbet affiliates company has been proven by time and millions of customers, has a number of gambling licenses, which means that there will be no difficulties with financial issues either.

Is the vbet affiliates programme worth participating in? It's worth at least giving it a try and submitting an application for consideration by the commission. If you get a positive decision, accept it. If you own resources with good traffic and CA, it will not be a problem to earn money.


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