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Overview of the Cashalot partner program

These days, many gamblers and frequenters of online casinos and all sorts of online sports and cyber sports betting facilities dream of earning an income. There are many options. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the winnings themselves. You can also make all sorts of predictions and come up with strategies. But here, it is important to understand that there is another option that can bring a really big income with virtually no investment or personal effort. This option is an affiliate program called Cashalot Affiliates. If you understand its features, you can achieve the desired result without any effort.

Previously, the affiliate program of Cashalot was TopTraf partners. In December 2023, a rebranding took place, and now it is called Mayhem partners.

Cashalot Affiliates
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About Cashalot Affiliate program

It is believed that an affiliate program is a mutually beneficial offer for both players and casino managers themselves. That’s why the site administration makes such an offer to their potential customers. The essence of “affiliate” is to attract new visitors to the virtual gambling establishment.

A legitimate question arises: what is the benefit of attracting new customers to the online casino? Of course, the material! The principle is that for each new customer who registers through an affiliate link, you get a cash bonus. Thus, the more customers the user attracted, the more money he earned.

The benefits to the online casino itself are also quite obvious:

  • audience growth;
  • increased user loyalty;
  • increased brand awareness.

In short, everybody wins here. Affiliate payouts can be really big. For example, you can get up to $400 for a conversion. In addition, the casino often rewards its particularly active partners with all sorts of additional bonuses.

In order to take full advantage of all the benefits of the affiliate program, you should only trust legitimate gaming sites. Such is the affiliate program of Cashalot Affiliates – online casino It has a lot of advantages for the players, which means it is likely to bring excellent income and partners.

One of the advantages is a modern website which works stably and without any problems. It has a simple and straightforward interface, which is in line with all modern design trends. 

Brands – only Cashalot Casino

The casino affiliate program only works with one brand: online casino seo and betting project

Licenses: Cashalot Bet

The company operates completely legally. This online casino has all the documents that prove that it has the right to conduct its activities. The relevant licenses and certificates govern all of the points.

It will be useful to know that the brand is a part of the big company, NewEra BV. It is officially registered in Curacao, and its activities are fully subject to the rules prescribed there. 

The license strictly regulates the rights and obligations of the parties, and all players must read and confirm the rules of the online casino site when they start using it. Such regulations assert responsible gaming and prevent fraud. Users do not have to worry about so-called “money laundering,” which is common in other virtual gambling establishments.

Geo and casino restrictions

Online casino operates almost all over the world. This is another great advantage not only for the users but also for the partners, because this feature allows them to attract customers from different countries. Cashalot Affiliates works in the most popular geographies, which makes it possible to attract a wide audience and increases the possibility of making money.
However, it is important to understand that there are some limitations as well. In particular, the use of online casinos is not available to people who live in countries where it is punishable by law. For example, these include the Netherlands, Australia, Israel and others. People who live in or are citizens of these countries simply cannot access the online casino website.  However, these restrictions do not apply to partners who want to attract traffic to a given casino.


For the convenience of users, there is an opportunity to use several currencies in the affiliate programme and different methods of withdrawal of the earned funds. In particular, it is possible to deposit funds via electronic wallets or bank cards. 

Different currencies are accepted for payment, but most often the payment is still made in euros or dollars. 

Cooperation programs for affiliates

New users may be wondering if it’s difficult to become a member of the Cashalot Casino Affiliate. There is no difficulty at all. All you need to do is follow the appropriate link on the website and go through a simple registration procedure, which takes no more than a couple of minutes. To register, you need to fill out a simple questionnaire, which requires you to provide the following information:

  • the user’s first and last name;
  • current email address;
  • mobile phone number.

A new partner should only give current data. This is very important because it is the email that confirms the account, and the telephone number may also be required for verification. In addition, at the registration stage, a username and password must be created, which will be used to log in to the site in the future. It is very important to remember them so that no problems arise during subsequent authorizations.

Users are offered different options for cooperation programs. It is possible to choose the most suitable one. The programs available include:

  1. Revshare. Such a program involves some kind of revenue sharing. Essentially, an affiliate can receive 45% of the amount that customers have lost at an online casino. This is an offer for trusted partners who bring in exceptional-quality traffic.
  2. CPA. implies a payment in a fixed amount. It is determined separately for each country. For example, for the former CIS countries, it can be $30, and for the EU countries, it can be double that, i.e. $60. It is always important to read specific information.
  3. Hybrid (CPA + RevShare). This kind of affiliate program implies a combination of conditions. Only specific actions performed on the employer’s website are paid. In this case, CPA is paid in the amount chosen for different countries, and the RevShare percentage is 30%, which is also quite a lot.

Before joining an affiliate program, it is worth realizing that it is very important to have an internet site to post information on. For example, this can be a page on the internet or a full-fledged website with regular traffic. Affiliates get all the information they need to post, such as advertising banners and more. The advantage is that each partner is assigned a personal manager. He can provide up-to-date information on the topic in good time and answer all questions. Such an approach to partners increases the likelihood of a long-term and trusting relationship.

Withdrawing funds from a Partner Program

Many partners are concerned about withdrawals. As a rule, a withdrawal application can be submitted at any time of the day and the information is processed as quickly as possible. This is a great advantage, as there is no need to wait. In some cases, the processing of the application may take several days. This usually occurs in the case of a large influx of applications or in those situations where there are questions in relation to partners. The company will always try to resolve this fairly quickly. If the partner feels that the application has taken too long, they can always write to their personal manager to resolve the issue.

Reviews about Cashalot Affiliates

Alex Novinskiy
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All the relevant information has already been presented, which means it is time to share personal experiences.

For example, one partner recently wrote the following: “The conditions here are as favourable as possible, and you can see that cooperation is on an equal footing. I have been in the black for a long time now. I had some questions at first, but they were quickly sorted out by the manager.”. You, too, can share your experiences with us through our affiliate program. You can do so directly in the comments on the website.

Affiliate programs
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