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CatAffs – Casino Affiliate Program: income from any traffic

CatAffs – Партнерская программаThe CatAffs affiliate program has not long been on the market but has already gained the trust of many affiliates. The project works since 2021, it is a program under the only casino – CatCasino. Here you will find not only a high level of transparency and honesty but also really help for clients. Each partner receives full support and individual advice on income optimization.


The program runs on SoftSwiss’ Affilka software, so there is no need to worry about the accuracy of transactions or the adequacy of commission calculations. This affiliate program management system is widespread in many countries and is highly rated everywhere. It is worth taking a closer look at the features of the project before you start working with it.

Cat Casino
Gama Casino
Daddy Casino
Kent Casino
20 EUR
Affilka от SoftSwiss
Speed payout:
1-3 days


Which brands are represented at CatAffs?

The casino affiliate program has been honed to a single brand – CatCasino Casino. Managers have not commented on the possibility of new casinos coming under the wing of CatAffs, as long as users work with one portal and do not complain about this possibility at all. And it’s all about the quality of the site.

This casino has several advantages for affiliate partners:

  • a brand new project – opened in May 2021;
  • empty customer base – you can use any traffic and will get players;
  • license and top software manufacturers from the very start;
  • an excellent bonus system, built specifically to retain players;
  • comfortable support, good playing conditions, high level of honesty;
  • almost all top geo, income can be generated from players from multiple countries.

But most importantly, this project is really honest, offers an RTP of 96.5%, and gives players plenty of rewards and bonuses. This leads to a fairly high player lifetime. So with any commission in the CatAffs affiliate program, you can make a decent income. All that remains is to find the optimum sources of traffic and make a profit.

How is Cat Casino licensed?

The project holds a Gaming Curacao license. This is the most popular type of license for online casinos that operate internationally. The license is issued to the casino operator and can be verified by its number using a validator. Such a license guarantees the integrity of the project and sets a high bar for the quality of casino operations. If the project starts cheating players and experimenting with payout percentages, it will instantly lose its licensed line.

What are the geo in the Cat Casino?

The project is international, operating in three languages – Russian, English, and Finnish. Therefore it accepts users from almost all over the world.

Popular geos are included:

  • Scandinavia;
  • Eastern Europe;
  • CIS countries;
  • New Zealand;
  • Canada.

The project does not accept players from dozens of countries, including most of Western Europe, the US, Australia, some Asian and African countries. You should read the geo-restrictions carefully to avoid wasting traffic. However, all traditionally popular geos are represented here and generate revenue for players.

Settlement currencies for casino partners

The euro is used to calculate income. It is a convenient currency for almost all CatAffs partners. A multi-currency system would greatly complicate the process and increase commissions, so the program works in one currency and allows players to withdraw in a variety of ways. The Euro is one of the most stable currencies in the world, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your income.

What co-operation programmes are available at Cat Casino?

The project offers several partnership programs so that you can choose the options that suit you best. There are options of using the payment from a player for life or a one-time payment for an attracted user. There is no payment purely for registration – no stable affiliate program offers such solutions today.

So, the main types of programs for partners in CatAffs:

  1. Dynamic Revshare. The standard option, where you receive up to 50% of the casino’s income from your referred player. This is the simplest earning option and is activated as soon as you sign up for a new affiliate. The more new active players you attract, the higher your royalty percentage.
  2. CPA and hybrid model. You may earn up to €250 for each qualifying player you refer. Alternatively, you may choose the hybrid model, where you receive a one-time payment and then a percentage of your earnings from your players. CPA is a more personalized program. You need to have good traffic and be verified by the affiliate program’s support team in order to work with this plan.
  3. Sub-affiliate. This is a slower, but most stable way to build a passive income. Refer new affiliates to the CatAffs program and get 5% from their income as your affiliate commission. You can use any method to attract referrals, and all payments will be for life. 

As you can see, it is always possible to choose the right programs and find the most comfortable option for you. Please note, CPA can only work successfully with high-quality traffic. If the administration notices that most of your referred players are not returning to your site after qualifying for a payout, you will be transferred to RevShare. If they find fraudulent and motivated registrations using your link, your account can be blocked. It is therefore worth following the rules.

What kind of traffic does the casino not accept?

CatAffs accepts virtually all traffic. Restrictions apply only to fraud, spam, and advertising on illegal sites. Everything else is allowed. Use your imagination and use the sources of player attraction that other partners do not use. This way you will get a lot more opportunities to generate passive income. When in doubt about your traffic source, just write to support. They’ll tell you quickly if CatAffs accepts your traffic and if you have any problems with it.

Withdrawals and income conditions for affiliates

Withdrawal is one of the most important aspects of a successful affiliate program. If you have decided to work with CatAffs, there will be no problems. Affiliate CatAffs withdraws money using wallets in  Skrill and Neteller, bank transfer (from 1000 euros), Capitalist and EcoPayz, by means of cryptocurrencies. There are five most popular cryptocurrencies available for CatAffs affiliate withdrawals – BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT. Commissions are paid by the affiliate program, conversion to other currencies from the euro is at the fair exchange rate.

At least 20 euros can be withdrawn to most payment systems. Bank wire transfers can be made from 1000 euros. On revshare payments are made from the 1st to the 5th of each month according to the results of the previous month. On CPA payments are carried out 2 times a month – at the beginning of the month and in the middle for the last accounting period.

Pay attention, at affiliate CatAffs has a hold. Hold period – 14 days for the first attracted client, and 7 days for the next. This hold works for CPA and is necessary to track possible cheaters. However, a one week hold period is unlikely to make any difference to your affiliate program in the long run.

Feedback and partner opinions on the CatAffs project

There are not many reviews of CatAffs yet, as it is a new project. If you have already had experience with the service, be sure to leave your feedback and help others to form a correct opinion about the work of the project. The program is new, but it is well established. That’s why most of the players who leave reviews point out a number of positive aspects of the cooperation.


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