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Betandyou partners  – your best partner in the betting world

Today, it’s safe to say that affiliate marketing is skyrocketing, and trends and methods for attracting traffic have evolved. As more and more events move into an online format, affiliate marketing is becoming more and more relevant.

Bookmakers and casinos have also seamlessly moved into the online format, which has opened up the opportunity for webmasters to earn by helping this segment grow.

Betandyou didn’t stand aside and offers its affiliate program to webmasters. And if you easily manage your source but can’t find a suitable conversion product, we suggest you get acquainted with our affiliate program and possible ways to earn money.

Betandyou Expertise

Now many players lack a bookmaker who would conduct their business transparently. Betandyou partners absolutely honestly and openly can guarantee – each partner will get immense opportunities to earn money.

Bookmaker has been operating for almost 10 years but has recently entered the Ukrainian market. In European countries, as well as in Ukraine Betandyou is still only gaining momentum. But in Asia, where the de facto home of this company, its customers are tens of thousands of players who are ready to play games from the best providers and bet on sports.

Advantages of Betandyou over other products

  • More than 100 payment methods
  •  Flexible system of matching commissions with an individual approach
  • Automatic weekly payments of commissions
  • The constantly updated base of marketing materials
  • Top casino providers and a wide variety of sports events
  • High percentage of players’ returns on all betting and casino games, thanks to the well-established work of our Retention Department.
  • Comfortable statistics and help from the personal manager in all matters
  • High stakes, high conversion rate

Security and mobile app

There is a mobile application for each client, which is available on Android. As security, the bookmaker uses a random number generator on the site, so that the player can withdraw his funds without any problems.

The casino accepts different types of currencies: dollars, euros, Brazilian reals, Indian rupees, hryvnias, lira, and cryptocurrency. The minimum deposit is 1 euro. The minimum withdrawal is 1.5 euros.

Revshare and CPA commissions

The appeal of the Betandyou partners’ affiliate program is also that you create your own business, built on commissions. There are two kinds of commissions.

What is RevShare?

RevShare (from. Revenue Share – revenue sharing) – is the distribution of the income of the total amount received from the sale of goods and services between the interested parties or participants.

In the case of gambling, each member of an affiliate program gets its share of the player’s losses, although other payment options can also be found – from the deposit, bets or turnover.

In the Betandyou offer, you will immediately see the difference before other bookmakers.

If you cast by this model, you do not get a fixed amount, you share the profits with the casino. With Betandyou-partners, the standard commission is 25%, but the percentage can be revised upwards, depending on your source.

If you are familiar with RevShare payment model, then you understand, that the better and longer you work with your source and the better you advertise your partner, the higher your income will be.

What is CPA?

CPA (Cost Per Action) is a commission model where webmasters are paid a certain rate. The amount for each qualified client. 

In the case of Betandyou, CPA commission varies greatly depending on the source and country and is negotiated separately with the manager.

CPA requires constant investment in marketing channels and if the source of traffic is not too good then there is a risk of not losing money because the payment is charged to qualified, active players.

A beginner webmaster can start with CPA, but in the long run, RevShare is more profitable.

The reason is simple: With this model, you can get fair royalties regularly, from new clients and from longtime brought clients. By working with an audience, you can easily recoup your advertising investment over the long haul.

How to earn on YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram Tick Tock

Betandyou offers partners to earn on social networks. You will be able to create a blogger for gambling or betting offers. You will need:

  1. A minimum of 5%, if not 50% of the proceeds to attract a user. A platform to connect with CA.
  2. The concept of posts and publications
  3. Feedback

Three simple points will help you and your partners make a lot of money.

The platform can be a chat room on Telegram, an Instagram account or a public folder on other popular social networks.

The concept

What exactly will you post on social media. In gambling, the content can be demonstrations of casino features or drawbacks and live streams where the host wins live.

In betting – training, analytics, betting strategies and paid predictions. In addition, you can make your account open to attract CA and post predictions with small odds.

Also, think about the feedback from CA. Personal messages and chatbots can help you with this.

Tick Tock Traffic Arbitrage

A separate mention should be made of such a platform as Tick Tock.

It is a social network for publishing short videos. Now the application is one of the first places in terms of downloads and usage.

You can’t attach a link to a website here, but you can transfer players to Telegram and Instagram.

Thanks to short videos, you can show the rich life that marks exactly your BK. The main goal is to follow the trends and poach them to the site.

The importance of communication with the manager

If you work with Betandyou by yourself without communicating with a manager, it can have a negative effect on your earnings. Our managers will be happy to provide you with support. You should not wander in the dark and act at random, an Affiliate-Manager will help you.

Why should I enlist the help of an Affiliate Manager?

  1. Private Consultation

If you want to strive for high results, you need the advice of a manager. His experience and knowledge will help you make a lot of money. Affiliate managers at Betandyou can answer almost all your questions thanks to their hard work. This approach allows them to recommend the best offers on the market.

  1. Insider information

Every Affiliate Manager has the information you don’t even know about. They are among the first to know about new opportunities, products and promotions. Therefore, they can share insider information with webmasters before this information becomes public.

Features of GEO

When you have already had a conversation with an Affiliate Manager and are getting ready to cooperate, it’s important to consider one more factor – the specifics of the GEO.

The list of banned GEOs: USA, UK, Russia, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, France, Israel, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Belgium, Sweden, Curacao.

How much can I earn with the Betandyou affiliate program?

As you can see, it is possible to earn through affiliate marketing. Thanks to a good source and the affiliate program, you can earn from $5,000 per month. If fruitful cooperation continues in the right direction, this figure will grow.

Betandyou has been on the market for 10 years and we value our name, and our experienced affiliate managers can tell you all the details of earnings. So feel free to ask them for help.

How do I withdraw my earnings?

In the affiliate program Betandyou earned commissions can be withdrawn using the following methods:

Bank transfer, Mastercard, Visa, PayPall, Skrill, Netteler, Webmoney, ЮMoney, Bitcoin, DASH, DigiByte, Dogecoin, ecoPays, Etherium, Link, Litecoin, Bitcoin gold, Monero, NEM, OMG, Payeer, Piastrix, Qiwi, Qtum, Ripple, SKR, Strat, Tron, Verge, Zcash.

Alex Novinskiy
Gambling Expert
I recommend to pay your attention to such a method of funds withdrawal as a player's game account. With it you can withdraw money through payment systems and wallets not listed above.

If you have chosen a game account for the commission, it is obligatory to activate your phone number or e-mail. If your account is not activated you will not be able to withdraw your commissions. The minimum amount for payments is $30.

It is interesting that after registering a new player will automatically receive a bonus on his first deposit – 100%. 

Betandyou has a wide range of accepted traffic.

Affiliate programs
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